A handmade wedding gown and jewel coloured bridesmaid’s dresses… we fell in love with Livvy and Ben’s English Country Sawmill Wedding.

A beautiful handmade wedding gown and jewel coloured bridesmaid’s dresses… we fell in love with Livvy and Ben’s English Country Sawmill Wedding.


We loved their unique wedding styling from the handmade wedding invitations to the seating plan (a hook-a-duck), and of course the wedding dress and bridesmaid’s dresses which Livvy made and with only a few weeks before their day Livvy and Ben had to transform Ben’s family Sawmill in to a wedding venue.

 ‘We are very DIY and wanted our wedding to have that feel, so everything we could do, we did with the help of friends and neighbours, they made pompoms, bunting and hook-a-ducks for our seating plan. We had friends making bunting and pompoms to decorate the venue with and hired festoon lighting.  We also collected vintage pots and urns and bottles to put flowers in.  We had straw bales outside for people to sit on  with hessian coffee sacks on top.  Ben cut some rings of wood which we stacked on the table with flowers and old bobbins on top, along with making some wooden candle holders.

LivvyandBen [ 162 ]_MG_2260LivvyandBen [ 174 ]4M5A8171

Livvy and Bens carriage of choice, Ben’s dad’s Land Rover, which ben learnt to drive in.   Ben had lovingly cleaned and repaired it for the big day.

KISMET PHOTOGRAPHY - LIVVY + BEN [ 108 ]4M5A8441LivvyandBen [ 312 ]4M5A8414

The, just-picked-from-the-garden look was Livvy’s inspiration for her wedding flowers.  Bramble & Wild supplied her stunning bouquet and Hair crown.  The very informal venue and church flowers, country floral style in old milk churns and jam jars with lots of wild flowers and pops of bright colours including foxgloves were arranged by family members.  

Livvy wanted a coloured wedding dress ‘White and ivory don’t suit my skin tone so I went for a nude palette, with layers of beige, nude, green, pink and apricot coloured tulle from Goldhawk Road in London. I bought lace and crepe fabric in Berwick Street, also in London.  I was sewing my dress on the morning of the wedding and finishing my veil whilst having my hair done!  I love the fact that I have a unique wedding dress that is entirely my personality and exactly what I wanted’.


‘We danced to a version of ‘Sound of Silence’ from a band called disturb. It’s not your traditional wedding song, but both Ben and I dance argentine tango.  It’s a very powerful emotional version of the song, which traditional Argentine tango is, it’s not what you see on strictly so we wanted something that reflected us as well as the dance’.

LivvyandBen [ 506 ]4M5A8689.jpg‘We struggled with readings as neither of us are particularly romantic, but we did find one by Einstein called Gravitation which summed us up well. This is a nice extract from it.’

‘Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. THAT’S relativity’

Hair Crown and Bouquet. Bramble and Wild.com

Brides shoes. The Rainbow Club Rainbowclub.co.uk

Sophie Moore MUA. Jessicamillsmakeup.co.uk

Regent Tailoring, Salisbury.  Regenttailoring.co.uk

Brides earrings. Amanda Coleman: playful field mice, Amandacoleman.co.uk

Rings.  H R Tribbeck and Sons, Salisbury.

Dress Fabrics Broadwicksilks.com and Misan.co.uk.   

Venue flowers. Trianglenurrsery.co.uk

Photography.  Kismet Wedding Photography

LivvyandBen [ 343 ]_DSF8439


LivvyandBen [ 539 ]4M5A8817


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